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website made for Hardware and Industrial Supply Company

Barlows of Ballina is a local hardware store that caters to the needs of the community in Ballina Byron Bay, Bangalow, Lismore and surrounding area of Northern Rivers NSW. Their website was designed to provide customers with an online platform where they can access information about the store, find and get direction to the store, and make product inquires. Here’s an explanation of the key features and components of the website:

Homepage: The website’s homepage serves as an introduction to Barlows of Ballina. It features a visually appealing design with the store’s logo, tagline, and high-quality images showcasing their product lines and store environment. The homepage also includes a prominent form for a quick product inquiry and navigation options to different sections of the website.

About Us: This section provides background information about Barlows of Ballina, including their history, values, and commitment to customer service. 

Store Information: The contact page provides essential details about the physical store, such as its address, phone number, email, and operating hours. It also includes a map with directions to help customers locate the store easily.

Contact and Customer Support: The website offers multiple options for customers to get in touch with Barlows of Ballina. This includes a contact form, email address, and a dedicated customer support phone number.

Testimonials and Reviews: To build trust and showcase customer satisfaction, the website features Google live testimonials and reviews from happy customers. These testimonials highlight the positive experiences of previous shoppers, reinforcing the store’s reputation and reliability.

Social Media Integration: Barlows of Ballina’s website includes social media buttons that link to their profiles on platforms with Facebook live feed on the website. This allows customers to connect with the store, follow their updates, and engage with their content.

Overall, the website for Barlows of Ballina provides a user-friendly and informative online presence for the hardware store. It offers a seamless experience, valuable resources, and multiple avenues for customers to engage with the store and its products.

The website was redesigned by WebLingo that used a range of technical and creative website design elements to build a easy navigation site for each page with integrated elements.

Technical and design features we have added to the website:

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