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Website Design for Mood & Realm

Mood & Realm website that was created specifically for the mobile massage specialist business by WebLingo. Located in Byron Bay Northern Rivers, This website is designed to showcase Mood & Realm as a unique and holistic provider of mobile massage services with a focus on touch therapy and other unique offerings.

Homepage: The homepage of the website sets the tone for Mood & Realm. It features a serene and soothing design with calming colors, inviting visitors to relax and unwind. The homepage includes the business logo, tagline, and a visually appealing image related to massage therapy or touch therapy. It provides a brief introduction to Mood & Realm’s philosophy and the benefits of their mobile massage services.

Offerings: This page of the website provides detailed information about the range of services offered by Mood & Realm. It highlights their specialization in mobile massage services and touch therapy, emphasizing their unique approach to healing and relaxation. The services include various massage modalities such as Relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and more. Additionally, the website feature descriptions of their unique offerings as well.

Touch Therapy Offerings: This subsection focuses specifically on Mood & Realm’s touch therapy offerings. It provides a comprehensive description of touch therapy, explaining its benefits and how it promotes healing, relaxation, and overall well-being. The website may also outline specific touch therapy techniques used by Mood & Realm. Visitors can gain a clear understanding of how touch therapy can complement traditional massage techniques.

About Us: The “About Us” page offers background information about Mood & Realm. It includes details about the company’s mission, values, and the qualifications and expertise of their therapists. This section may also highlight the unique approach of Mood & Realm in providing mobile massage services, bringing relaxation and healing directly to clients’ homes, hotels, or workplaces.

Unique Offerings:
In this section, Mood & Realm highlights their unique offerings beyond traditional massage services.

Service Areas and Booking: This section provides information about the areas served by Mood & Realm’s mobile massage services. It include a list of locations in and around Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region where clients can book their services. The website also feature a integrated booking system and a contact form through which visitors can easily schedule a mobile massage session or inquire about availability.

Contact Us: The “Contact Us” page offers various methods for visitors to get in touch with Mood & Realm. It includes a contact form where potential clients can submit inquiries, questions, or booking requests directly from the website. Additionally, the contact page feature the business’s phone number, email address, making it convenient for visitors to reach out for further information or to discuss their specific needs.

Overall, the website for Mood & Realm aims to create a tranquil and relaxed way for clients to book appointments and get useful information 

Technical and design features we have added to the website:

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