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website made for global travel company

The website for Tour Found is a comprehensive travel platform offering information about things to do around the world in various destinations. Here’s a breakdown of what the website includes:

Homepage: The homepage feature’s stunning images of popular travel destinations and highlighted key features of the website, such as the variety of activities available, user reviews, and easy booking options with integrated links. It also include a search bar and filters to help users find activities in specific locations or categories.

Destinations: A section dedicated to different travel destinations, featuring articles, guides, and recommendations for things to do in each location. This section provides detailed information about each destination, including popular attractions, off-the-beaten-path experiences, and local cuisine.

Activities: A database of activities and experiences that users can book, organized by category (e.g., outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, food tours). Each activity listing would include a description, images, reviews, and pricing information, as well as a link to book the activity.

Booking Integration: Integrated links for booking activities, allowing users to easily book their chosen activities directly through the partner website. The booking process would be seamless and secure, providing users with instant confirmation of their bookings.

Travel Tips: A blog section dedicated to travel tips and advice, offering insights on travel planning, packing tips, safety advice, and more. This section would provide valuable information for travelers looking to make the most of their trips.

Contact Us: Contact information, including a contact form, email address, and social media links, allowing users to get in touch with any questions or feedback.

Overall, the Tour Found website would aim to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for travelers looking to discover and book activities around the world, offering a seamless booking experience and valuable travel information.

Technical and design features we have add to the website:

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